International Collaboration Between Venn Design Solutions & Blackfish

We are excited to announce an international collaboration with Venn Design Solutions, who are based in Canada!

Venn are an agile, multidisciplinary renewable energy design house, similar to Blackfish, but with specialist areas of knowlege in electrical engineering and energy storage solutions. The main renewable energy technologies they have worked with to date have been wind and solar PV installations.

Through this collaboration between Venn & Blackfish, we will be contributing our marine energy expertise to maximise the opportunities of bringing effective energy storage solutions to more marine renewable energy projects both in Canada and Europe.

With the continued growth of the marine energy sector in Canada and the need to explore energy storage solutions for renewable energy, we believe this partnership uniquely positions Venn Design Solutions and Blackfish Engineering to meet the industry's needs moving forward.

Venn Design Solutions website

Venn Design Solutions Canada

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