• A Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 15 years’ experience in turbine design, concept design & architecture layout.
  • Significant experience of complex linear and non-linear stress analysis, low-cycle and high-cycle fatigue life calculations.
  • Extensive bolted joint design experience, including methodology for bolt fatigue & extreme analysis, and failure prediction.
  • Detailed design and integration of complete systems.
  • Cost reduction and efficient design optimisation to reduce weight.
  • Hydraulic schematics and calculations.


  • 1.4MW tidal turbine – concept design,detailed design and stress analysis.
  • 1MW tidal turbine – concept design, detailed design, manufacture, test, operation.
  • 500kW tidal turbine – concept design , detailed design.
  • 1MW wind turbine design, stress analysis, build and test.
  • Vestas – Celtic Wind Technology; V27; V44; V47; V52; V80; service and maintenance.
Ioan Smallwood ()

The Blackfish Engineering Team