Finite element analysis is a computational tool that enables engineers to assess the effects of external influences on a component during the design phase, reducing the need for expensive testing and redesign. FE analysis can also be used iteratively to optimise weight, cost and other design parameters. Read on to find out how Blackfish's FE analysis could help your business...

Why should I use FE analysis…?”

You make many decisions during your design process, the outcome of which defines your final design; so it’s important that you have as much information as possible available to inform those decisions.

Using the very latest ANSYS™ Mechanical Pro software, Blackfish can bring finite element analysis into your workflow, giving you a step-change increase in information to help you make those all-important design decisions.

To fully understand the structural behaviour of your design, Blackfish can, amongst other things, analyse:

Fatigue life | Safety factors | Heat transfer

Modal frequencies | Deflections Bolted joint strength

Weight reduction opportunities

Blackfish Finite Element Analysis
Blackfish FEA Crank

“But FE analysis is just too expensive for my small project…

Many people are put off by the apparent cost of FE analysis. Large investment is required to bring the capability in-house, and many analysis consultancies are set-up and priced to serve large OEMs in the aerospace, defence, and oil & gas sectors.

Blackfish aim to offer an affordable FE analysis service, tailored to your needs. Our small team allows us the flexibility to adapt to your needs and timescales, whilst keeping the costs down.

From a simple structural analysis of single component, to design optimisation of an entire assembly, Blackfish will provide the capability you need to get the job done, at a price that ensures added value.

“What will I do with the results…?”

What you do with the results will vary depending on your needs; a simple pass / fail outcome may be all that’s required. But the real benefit of FE analysis comes when it’s used to inform and verify successive design iterations.

This design optimisation capability helps to streamline the design process whilst de-risking the final design.

Rather than acting as an analysis “black-box”, Blackfish can work with your designers to optimise particular elements of the design.

Blackfish also have an excellent design capability, employing the latest Autodesk™ Inventor™ CAD software, enabling you to outsource the entire design optimisation process if required.

Blackfish Finite Element Analysis