Design Engineering

A Core Blackfish Engineering Service

Blackfish have experience of the full product design life-cycle and are able to assist in any stage of a project from concept generation, front-end engineering design, detailed design, cost reduction activities, manufacturing drawings, and third party design assessment. We have been involved in tidal, wave, wind and aerospace projects, covering complete systems, sub-systems and component level design.

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Conceptual Design

The conceptual design phase allows for a multitude of solutions to be envisaged and investigated to identify key design attributes for an optimal solution.  We have repeated experience in the generation of multiple design concepts fulfilling product or sub-system requirements.  Once identified, we are able to use appropriate systems engineering tools to determine the best concept to progress.

Concept Design
Blackfish Engineering CAD Modelling
Blackfish Engineering CAD Modelling
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Detailed Design

Our team has a broad experience of the detailed design phase and is familiar with many of the leading software tools. We can provide all elements of the detailed design phase, including:

  • 3D CAD modelling
  • Production of manufacturing drawings
  • Production of assembly drawings
  • Bill of materials
  • Interface management
  • Change management
  • Design for excellence (DfX)
  • FMECA / Risk identification and management
  • Design reports
Blackfish Design Tools

Cost Reduction

The Blackfish team has experience in reducing the cost and complexity of designs and systems, as well as experience with multiple strategies for achieving cost savings. The team's broad experience of manufacturing methods and Tim's experience as a DfX facilitator mean that we can offer multiple solutions to suit your needs. Firstly, the Blackfish team can be provided with information on your design and design requirements and undertake our own cost saving analysis. Alternatively, we can come to you and facilitate a cost reduction workshop to generate cost reduction ideas that either Blackfish, or yourselves, can then go and develop.

Cost reduction can be undertaken in combination with our optimisation services, where we have the tools to optimise designs for weight, stress levels, load paths, wall thickness etc. to reduce the material input as well as the option to optimise the performance of the design or manufacturing process.

Blackfish Cost Reduction
Design Assessment

Design Assessment & Due Diligence

Blackfish's wealth of experience in designing and developing products and sub-systems makes us perfectly placed to undertake an independent design assessment. Our design critique comes from years of experience in design and systems engineering, working within the design process of major engineering companies. The Blackfish team have designed and built products to certification standards and understand what it takes to meet the requirements of these assessments.

Design assessments can be undertaken in varying degrees of intensity in accordance with customer requests:

  • Calculations and models can be independently corroborated
  • Stress analysis can be reviewed
  • Design decisions can be critiqued
  • Requirement verification strategies can be assessed
  • Design assessment reports can be issued

We have particular expertise in metallic structures, marine renewables (over 25 years' experience in the team), wind energy and aerospace.