Project Management

Efficient, Accredited Project Managers

Blackfish can integrate our accredited project management into any engineering project, ideally in combination with some of our other services.  In addition to that, our network of contractors and suppliers, with whom we have established relationships, mean we can bring in additional expertise and get hardware manufactured all though Blackfish.

Project Management

For all of the above services we can offer experienced, effective project management as part of the package. This includes management of all stakeholders, including suppliers, customers and certification bodies. We are APM accredited.

Project Management
Blackfish Engineering Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing Management

We have a network of trusted suppliers with whom we have built good relationships. Through this network of suppliers we can manage the timely manufacture of any given design to the required quality requirements. Our network of suppliers work across a multitude of mediums, including composites and can deliver bespoke products. Our team are very familiar working closely with suppliers throughout the manufacturing phase.

Blackfish Network

We have a network of skilled engineers and suppliers to utilise as required by a project, including:

  • Site resource assessment.
  • Additional modelling and CFD resource.
  • Instrumentation, control and automation design.
  • Composite analysis and manufacture.
  • Component and sub-system manufacture.
  • Further expertise across aerospace, naval and renewable sectors.
Blackfish Network