Site Support

Professional, Experienced Engineers

Blackfish offer various site support services based on our own hands-on experience of design, manufacture, assembly and test on multiple projects. The team have experience of site activities as part of large and small projects in large and small organisations. This range of experience allows us to tailor the approach to the customer's needs, all the while ensuring the safety of any site operations.

Operations Planning

Blackfish have extensive expertise in verification test planning and offshore operations planning. We understand that testing and offshore operations are often an extremely costly part of the product development process and therefore planning these operations to ensure efficiency and success is vital.

Operations Planning
Blackfish Commissioning Activities


Blackfish have undertaken commissioning activities on large and small projects. We are perfectly placed to assist in commissioning planning and activities on any scale. We understand the requirement to verify the safe and robust operation of any design prior to initial operation.

On-site commissioning is offered as part of our test rig design and build service, to ensure the customer receives a turn-key test rig solution.

Forensic Engineering

Blackfish have a wealth of experience investigating, analysing and resolving engineering failures, usually in highly constrained timescales. Identification of failures using limited in service data can be performed and coupled with root cause analysis. We can also conduct site visits to allow more in depth analysis of the failure. Identification of the failure and its root cause is just the first step, we can offer immediate design solutions as well as longer term design advice to prevent the issue occurring in the future. We understand that the occurrence of a fault or failure often requires an immediate response and endeavour to respond to a situation as fast as possible.

Blackfish Forensic Engineering
Blackfish Forensic Engineering - Fishbone
Blackfish Forensic Engineering
Blackfish Forensic Engineering
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