Systems Engineering

Tailored to your Project

The Blackfish team are experienced systems engineers, having used the process from initial requirement capture to final product verification and validation on numerous occasions. Use of a systems engineering approach can help to keep the design process constrained and on track as well as offering new ways to approach certain problems. The systems engineering approach is also valuable in product verification - does it perform as required? Not only does this confirm the success of the design, but often aids product certification processes.

More detail on the services offered by Blackfish can be found below.

Requirements Capture

Our team of trained systems engineers have expertise in requirements capture and management.  With a proper understanding of your business or product needs, we can work with you through this crucial first step in product development to ensure the success of your project. We have the tools and experience to make this vital first step as quick and effective as possible.

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Blackfish Product Verification
Blackfish Product Verification
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Product Verification

Product verification is a vital step in bringing any design to fruition. Our systems engineering approach allows us to verify a product against its requirements throughout the product development phases. Verification testing is the final stage of the verification process and often the most complex. Within the team there is an array of verification testing experience over a range of products. Blackfish has the capability to execute rig testing as part of a product development package. Alternatively we can manage the engineering design and product development of a test rig.