Test Rig Design & Build

A Bespoke Blackfish Specialism

The Blackfish team have worked on many test rigs and enjoy the ability to offer design and build of bespoke test rigs to our customers. There is something extremely gratifying about seeing a design develop from a CAD screen to parts assembled ourselves. We take pride in our test rigs and appreciate the important role that testing can play in engineering development.

With many years of hands on design and manufacture experience, Blackfish skills and experience are especially suited to the design and build of bespoke test rigs. This might be for any of the following applications, and more:

  • Application of extreme loads to demonstrate capability
  • Load testing to failure
  • Application of fatigue loads or load cycles
  • Measurement of performance (torque, thrust, deflection, corrosion, wear, speed)
  • Demonstration of functionality away from expensive in-field situations
  • Product certification
  • Assembly or maintenance demonstration
Blackfish Engineering CAD Modelling
Blackfish Engineering CAD Modelling
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Blackfish have designed many systems and sub-systems in the past, and designed many rigs on which to test components, such as:

  • Hydraulic ram load testing of lifting points
  • Tidal turbine pitch system performance rig (torque, water sealing, speed)
  • Tidal turbine blade extreme and fatigue bending rig (up to 4MNm)
  • Composite section tensile load test rig (6MN)
  • Assembly process rig for gas turbine engines
  • Hydraulic clamping test rig (8MNm)
  • Sub-sea winch and latch mechanism demonstration

These rigs have covered areas of expertise and knowledge such as:

  • Hydraulic load application – HPUs, rams, motors
  • Instrumentation – deflection, load cells, strain measurement, pressure, temperature, air flow, position, motor position encoder
  • Actuation, movement, force application – bearings, seals, motors, couplings, gearboxes, mechanisms
  • Steelwork frame construction using easily available standard steel sections
Composite Test Rig