Tidal Stream Turbine Concept Design Study

A Quick, Highly Visual Concept Design Study

Tidal stream turbine concept design study

Blackfish completed a design study to provide an engineering design concept to Repetitive Energy, enabling them to present the idea in a funding application. After an initial discussion with the client, the outline requirements were agreed and a concept sketch developed. Blackfish then developed this further with particular consideration to the performance of the device, how it would be assembled and maintained, how it could be installed and how to minimise the costs of manufacture. This was then designed in CAD and some basic Finite Element analysis completed to assess the strength of the structure under extreme loads.

The CAD model images were rendered to provide some more realistic pictures of the device in the environment and further information provided to the client.

Blackfish Engineering Concept Design Study
Concept Design Study
Concept Design Study
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Key elements of the work included

  • Design concept idea generation and concept selection.
  • 3D CAD modelling of basic steel structure, bearings, seals, gearbox and generator.
  • FE analysis of the main structure for extreme loads.
  • CAD image rendering.