Tidal Turbine Performance & Loads Modelling

The Foundation of Successful Turbine Design

Tidal Turbine Performance & Loads Modelling

DNV-GL's Tidal Bladed software is widely used in the modelling of turbine performance and loads. The Blackfish team have a significant amount of experience carrying out this type of work for multiple tidal turbine developers and turbines.

One of the main uses of this type of modelling is to understand the forces and moments at different positions in the turbine structure to enable effective design. The Blackfish team helped to develop the Tidal Turbine Certification Guidelines and are perfectly placed to carry out loads and performance assessments to certification standards.

Blackfish Engineering Performance Modelling
Tidal Turbine Load Markov Matrix

Key Elements of the Work Included

  • Generation of a turbine model from scratch
  • First pass control logic development
  • Sensitivity studies into environmental effects and design changes
  • Generation of a certification standard load set
  • Running and error checking of simulations
  • Post processing results into extreme load (ULS tables) and fatigue load data (Markov matrices and Damage Equivalent Loads)