Wave Energy Converter Mechanical Design

Design & Analysis of a Marine Renewable Energy Device

Wave Energy Converter Mechanical Design

Blackfish are a major consortium member of the Mocean Wave Energy Scotland Novel Wave Energy Converter (WES NWEC) stage 2 programme. The Mocean device, a novel shaped hinged floating raft, increases power production by maximising the cross coupling between modes of motion. Blackfish are contributing to the project as the main mechanical designers of the WEC. The programme started in May 2017 and will continue until September 2018. This programme will deliver a concept engineering design of a commercial product, as well as a more detailed study of a prototype WEC. If successful, a prototype will be built and deployed in the ocean as part of a stage 3 WES NWEC project.

WEC Finite Element Analysis

Key Blackfish Project Responsibilities

  • Main raft structural design, loads and stress analysis, application of numerical loads modelling to ANSYS
  • 3D CAD design of raft and main hinge, including bearings and seals
  • Integration of sub-systems, including power take off, ballast and bilge, electrical and controls connections, access and maintenance, lifting and handling
  • Requirements capture, means of compliance and compilation of stage 3 test plan
  • Assessment of marine operations
  • Contribution to programme management

Key Elements of the Work Completed to Date (this will be updated throughout the project)

  • Requirements capture session with the entire project team and subsequent sorting and reviewing to produce a requirements document
  • Initial quality management plan document, covering all aspects of programme management throughout the project
  • Initial concept idea generation for the main hinge, bearings and seals, with integration of the magnetic gearing and PTO
  • FE modelling (ANSYS) to apply loads generated from numerical modelling (WAMIT) onto an FE model
Wave Energy Converter Graph