Innovative engineering design for a sustainable future


Our services cover all aspects of engineering design; from the initial concept stage, right through to a verified solution.


Professionally qualified engineers with decades of experience across all forms of renewable energy.


Able to adapt to the needs of any customer large or small, due to our cross-industry experience with SMEs and large OEMs.

Bombora Wave Power

"Blackfish has assisted us with several major scopes to support the design and build of our mWave Demonstrator. We have been impressed with their innovative ideas, excellent communication and proactive approach in identifying solutions to challenging technical requirements. The whole team is extremely professional with a broad range of skills sets covering a number of disciplines. It has been a pleasure working with Blackfish and we highly recommend them to any organisation seeking a team of experienced and competent engineers."

Towing Tank Manager, University of Southampton

"Blackfish Engineering designed and delivered a complex and bespoke piece of equipment in time and on budget for the new University of Southampton towing tank. The delivery and installation were challenging due to the facility constraints, but the Blackfish team came up with inventive solutions to make it swift."

Pliosaur Energy

Blackfish is a very effective team of engineers who can be relied upon to deliver cost effective and timely solutions. In our case their collaborative ethos, engineering expertise  and flexibility ensured that the end product, a wave tank testing model, exceeded expectations. A great team, highly recommended!

Finite Element Modelling

Blackfish Engineering Design Ltd are now offering a flexible, affordable FE analysis service, tailored to your needs, including: modal analysis, stress analysis, thermal analysis, fatigue analysis, deflection analysis and weight reduction.

Tidal Turbine Developer

"Blackfish have a great team of engineers with broad experience covering many aspects of tidal turbine design and development, and in particular have brought expert knowledge of rotor modelling and pitch control systems to our project."

Optimisation Service

Blackfish Engineering Design Ltd are now offering a design and process optimisation service, tailored to your needs. We can optimise for performance, stress, weight reduction and much more